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Mycology Solutions established with an experienced management team.

Mycology Solutions' team currently consists of three seasoned professionals from the Life Sciences industry. Within the team, all three possess their own unique expertise to bring their lead target to the market.

Victor Schut, CEO

P. Victor Schut, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mycology Solutions, is an entrepreneur and experienced CEO/Chief Business Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the biotechnology industry over the past 17 years.

Before starting Mycology Solutions he co-founded ProteoNic and served at the company as its CEO and CBO for 15 years. Since January 2018 he has been operating as an independent consultant currently holding the position of Chief Business Officer at AGILeBiotics. He also involved in coaching several biotech start-ups (strategy, business development and funding).

Prior to entering the biotech sector, he was active as banker and as investment manager at private equity fund Antea Participaties. He holds a master degree in corporate law from the University of Leiden.


Marc Schellekens, COO

Marc Schellekens, co-founder and COO at Mycology Solution has spent almost 20 years with TNO working on a variety of projects in different Business Units. The year 2000 marked his start as a serial entrepreneur in the Life Science and Health sector being involved in the start-up companies Skintec and Micreos.

Presently Marc owns LabHotel in Rotterdam. He offers turn-key laboratories for short or longer use. Since 2011, Marc is involved with the development and marketing TyBin, a Bin and Bag concept for events. Besides this, Marc is co-owner of Beagle Building BV developing Beagle Park Marconi in Rotterdam. Three office/lab buildings in total 24.000 square meters, will be built in the near future in The Rotterdam Makers District. In 2019, Marc co-founded Mycology Solutions BV to develop a new family of medicines against resistant Fungi.


Arne Aiking, CTO

Arne Aiking, co-founder and CTO at Mycology Solutions has been active in the life sciences since 1985.

Having attended the H.B.SC program at Lakehead University in Canada, he served 20 years in increasingly senior positions for Swedish engineering firms such as Hilleshog Forestry AB and BCC AB. In those positions, he was involved in the development of proprietary technology for upgrading the vitality of tree seeds, and a non-chemical technology for the preservation of wood.

Having assisted at large scale reforestation projects throughout the Americas and Asia, he came to encounter the challenges of preventing and controlling fungal diseases on young trees with chemical fungicides.

In 2005, Aiking managed to provide proof of principle of a method to control such diseases on plants with low dosage germicidal UV instead of pesticides and founded a company to commercialize this innovative solution.

Despite several challenges along the way, there are now roughly 4000 farmers/gardeners in more than 25 countries who protect their plants with his invention: “UV Crop Protection”.

In 2019, in the laboratory of Mycology Solutions at Rotterdam Science Tower in The Netherlands, Aiking and his colleagues managed to show a positive effect of its lead compound on the treatment of specific fungal growth.

Having experienced the ravages of a multidrug-resistant fungal infection in his immediate circle, Aiking is fiercely committed to bringing these life-saving compounds to a market desperate for a new family of human antifungals.


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