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Developing a new family of antimycotics.

Anti-fungal resistance

Antimicrobial and antifungal resistance, which describes the ability of fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens to resist the effects of drugs to which they were once sensitive, is a major public health problem worldwide.  The recent rate of emergence of pathogenic fungi that are resistant to the limited number of commonly used antifungal agents is unprecedented.


Our goal

Fungal species are becoming increasingly resistant to available therapies, creating an urgent global need for novel antifungal agents. Annually approximately 1.5-1.6 million people die of (invasive) fungal infections. Mycology Solutions will be working on the development of a new family of antimycotics, the compounds that inhibit the growth of or kill fungi (yeasts and molds). 

Fungal infections

Life threatening fungal infections

The danger of drug-resistant fungal infections is increasing every day and new cases of outbreaks in healthcare facilities have become a serious issue. In these environments the yeasts spread through contact with affected patients and contaminated surfaces or equipment.

Candida bloodstream infection

Candida Auris causes serious infections resulting in death even. It is resistant to medicines, difficult to identify, and becoming more common.

Invasive aspergillosis

Occurs when the immune system fails to prevent Aspergillus spores from entering the bloodstream via the lungs. It's resistance has increased over the last 20 years.

Cryptococcal meningitis

Often seen in HIV-infected patientsm it can cause inflammation, swelling of the brain, and can be fatal if improperly treated. This fungus shows increasing rates of fluconazole resistance

Pneumocystis pneumonia

This opportunistic and common fungus causes inflammation and fluid buildup in the lungs. This organism can not be cultivated intro and studied in the classical sense. But, drug resistance has been said to be developing.

In the news

“ To avoid a global collapse in our ability to control fungal infections and to avoid critical failures in medicine and food security, we must improve our stewardship of extant chemicals, promote new anti-fungal discovery, and leverage emerging technologies for alternative solutions. ”

Science, 18 May 2018

In the news

About us

Mycology Solutions BV is a recently incorporated company in The Netherlands with the purpose of researching fungi (infections) and developing and commercializing treatments against and prevention of fungal infections. We will be focusing on a new family of antimycotics, specifically for difficult to treat and multidrug-resistant (MDR) fungi that often cause life-threatening infections. 

We believe that our lead compound, MySol-1, has the potential to be an essential therapy in the treatment of multiple serious fungal infections, including vulvovaginal candidiasis, invasive candidiasis, invasive aspergillosis, and refractory invasive fungal infections.

About us

Our team

Mycology Solutions' team currently consists of three seasoned professionals from the Life Sciences industry. Within the team, all three possess their own unique expertise to bring their lead target to the market.

News & Updates

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